Welcome to Squirrel Class

Teachers: Mrs Akid and Mrs Casper


Curriculum Newsletter - Summer Term 1





Welcome Peacock Class    13.07.20




As Busy As A... Squirrel???   05.06.20



Our World Week - The Dragons Den goes to... Ancient Greece   22.05.20

Watch as Poseidon and Athena make their pitch. Who will win the prize of having a great temple (The Parthenon) built in their honour??



Our World Week   22.05.20

Lots of brilliant work has been done this week about lots of different parts of the world. Well done everyone. Here is a selection...



Busy, Busy, Busy!!   19.05.20

More fantastic work from Squirrel Class. Well done everyone.



Home Learning Heroes!!!    13.05.20

Squirrel Class you have amazed with your fantastic work again. There has been baking, model making, and English. You are BRILLIANT!!



Working Wonders!!!  28.04.20

Wow Squirrels! What an amazing job you are doing at home. Keep going...You are FANTASTIC!!!...



Learning in Lockdown   23.04.20

We might not actually be in school but we are still learning. Children from Squirrel Class have been doing maths and science activities like baking and growing plants. There have been some excellent investigations to find out what are the best conditions for encouraging plants to grow. Have a look at our slide show below...