Welcome to Hedgehog Class

Teacher: Miss Dunleavy


Curriculum Newsletter - Summer Term 1

Follow this link to listen to a story... Story Time with Miss Dunleavy      



Walking Through The Jungle... Or is it???    15.06.20

Have a listen to these two brand new and brilliant versions of "Walking Through The Jungle". An author or poet in the making perhaps???



Awesome Zipwires!!!   06.06.20

I really wish I was the size of a fairy so that I could have a go on these. Amazing work.



Happy Hedgehogs   04.06.20



Totally Turkish....    22.05.20



Our World Week   22.05.20



A Marvellous Marble Run   06.05.20

It's amazing what you can make out of cardboard and sometimes it really deserves a place on the website...



Hedgehogs at Home   04.05.20

Are you wondering how your friends are doing? Miss Dunleavy has put together a video of you all working hard at home. We hope you enjoy it...




How Do Our Lungs Work???   28.04.20

Have you ever wondered how your lungs work?? Here is an excellent demonstration and explanation to answer that very question...




Home Learning Heroes!!!   28.04.20

What an unusual, interesting and busy time we have had in Hedgehog class. We might not have been at school but we have been very busy learning. The slideshow below shows some of our work. Well done everyone - you are BRILLIANT!!!