Committees & Roles


Governors Roles

Chair Miss D Whiteley
Vice-Chair Dr L Fleming
SEND Mrs V Baldwin
Health & Safety                     Dr L Fleming                                   
Safeguarding, Child Protection & LAC

Mrs E Pescod                               

Early Years Mrs G Holden
Wellbeing, Equality/Diversity Dr L Fleming                          
Premium Link T.B.C.
PSHCE Mrs L Coffey
Governors Training Contact                                                                                  Training for Kirklees courses to be booked/logged by the office.




Our governing body has several sub-committees. These are listed below along with their members. If you would like to read any minutes from these committees please contact the office.

School Improvement Committee

Mrs L Armitage                   Mrs L Coffey

  Dr L Fleming                       Mrs A Barnes

   Mrs E Barrow                      Mrs V Baldwin


Resources Committee

(Finance, Staffing, Health & Safety, Grounds & Premises)

Mrs L Armitage           Mrs E Pescod

   Mrs A Barnes             Mrs G Holden

     Mrs E Barrow             Ms D Whiteley 



Performance Management Committee

Dr L Fleming

Canon Robertshaw

Ms D Whiteley


Staff Dismissal Committee

To be convened as appropriate.


 Dismissal Appeals Committee 

To be convened as appropriate.


Complaints / Pupil Discipline Committee

To be convened as appropriate.