A Vision for the Education of Children
at Kirkroyds Infant School


Children at our school receive an education which is stimulating and challenging based on our professional knowledge of how children learn. Much of this work involves practical, first hand experience. We aim to set high expectations and encourage quality work for all our pupils. Staff are highly motivated and aim for all round standards of excellence. The curriculum offered shows that continuity and progression has been planned for in the core curriculum areas and in creative subjects. The children's learning skills, values and attitudes are developed as they progress throughout the school. All staff and members of our school community develop the children's spiritual and moral awareness through special lessons, assemblies and through fostering an appreciation of the every day world.


Governors and staff work as a team and share ideas about teaching and learning. They are very conscious that children are all individuals and need to be catered for in a way that they will achieve their true potential. Staff share a high expectation of quality both in the children's work, their social development and their behaviour. Governors and staff participate in programmes of professional development. We seek to encourage a reflective culture amongst staff and pupils which builds on success.


Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child's education. Their practical involvement and communication are valued, whether it is supporting their child’s learning at home, or as a volunteer helper in school. We believe that education is a shared experience and communication between home and school is vital. Family contributions enrich our school life.


We want our school to be a happy and caring one where children's voices can be heard. We encourage the children to question and to work out their own ideas. Childhood is a precious time and the children need to develop confidence in themselves and feel a valued part of their community. Children know that all school staff and parents are collaborating to ensure that they are learning skills and knowledge and also that they are growing up to be well balanced, happy and highly motivated citizens of the future. As a community we work hard to reflect the multiracial and multicultural nature of Britain today and any form of discrimination will be recognised and dealt with.


Our school is an integral part of the local community. As well as having an excellent relationship with our feeder school, we also have strong links with pre-school and community groups, the churches, local schools and individuals living in the locality.